Flood restoration is a core service provided by Command Building Services.

Our staff have carried out insurance repairs for several large scale flood disasters including:

  • Bundaberg (QLD 2012)
  • Brisbane (QLD 2011)
  • Charleville (QLD 2010)
  • Blackwater (QLD 2009)
  • Lismore (NSW 2009)
  • Tweed Heads (NSW 2009)
  • Mackay (QLD 2008)
  • Cabarita (NSW 2005)
  • Ocean Shores (NSW 2005)

The issues presented with flooding include the contamination risk from sewerage or ” black water” which if not assessed and treated accordingly could lead to serious health risks.

It is imperative to strip out walls and materials to the flood level, sanitise and thoroughly dry the wall cavities and frames with de-humidifiers before any further can begin, ensuring that no mould or bacterial growth will accumulate on new materials.

After this initial period of preparation, works are then generally straight forward and completed within a short period of time.

Command Building Services have a team of specialists in the field of flood restoration services. Our years of experience proved you with a team that concentrates on the critical issues and minimises the time and expense of dealing with this specialist restoration process.